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OMEN: Apocalypse Cow - Does A Two-Headed Calf Born In Yorkshire, UK Mean The End Of The World?!

Unlike other cases its heads were seperated at the neck.  © NBpress

March 30, 2016 - UNITED KINGDOM - The world held its breath today amid Doomsday fears of an apocalypse - after a two-headed calf was born in Yorkshire.

The rare phenomenon of animals being with two heads is considered in many cultures to be a portent of disaster.

Dairy farmer Shaun Sowray, 55, told how the calf was delivered by Caesarean section on March 3 at his family farm in Harrogate, North Yorks.

Other two-headed calves have been recorded in Peru, Georgia and the US.  © NBpress

Unlike other cases recorded, its heads were separated at the neck and it was born with four eyes, four ears, two mouths and four nostrils.

Experts say it is so rare that chances of it happening are one in 400 million - but warn of ancient mythology that claims the "monstrous" creature is an omen from God.

Stunned Shaun, 55, said: "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it.

"The cow was enormous. We actually thought she was going to have twins.

"I felt inside her and she was perfectly normal. She had fully dilated.

"I could feel the tips of the feet and the nose of the calf, but as I tried to pull it out I could see she was wincing in pain.

"I called the local vet and she came out to assist.

"She got it a little bit further forward.

"We started pulling and again she was wincing in pain so we stopped and started preparing for a Caesarian."

Shaun, left, and his nephew Stephen who helped the vet pull the calf out.  © NBpress

His nephew, Stephen, 23, who took over, said: "Me and the vet pulled the calf out.

"We put in on the floor, sorted the cow out and then looked down and I was like 'oh my God'.

"That's when we saw it had two heads.

"They were completely separated at the neck.

"It wasn't like they shared the same head.

"The two heads were perfectly formed. It was just incredible.

"The vet said she had never seen anything like it.

"The cells haven't divided properly."

The calf sadly died shortly after birth.

It was unable to stand up due to the weight of the two heads.

Shaun, who has farmed all of his life, said: "There was nothing out of the ordinary during the pregnancy.

"It's just one of those things. Something from Mother Nature."

Sadly for the farmers, the calf died shortly after birth under the weight of its two heads.  © NBpress

Cases of two-headed calves have been recorded in Peru, the ex-Soviet state of Georgia and in the US.

In Peru villagers feared it would herald disaster and destruction.

Months later it was hit by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

Having more than one head is known as polycephaly, with two-headedness more specifically known as 'bicephaly' or 'dicephaly'.

The birth of this two-faced calf in Peru was followed by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. © YouTube

Each head of a polycephalic animal has its own brain, and they share control of the organs and limbs, though the specific structure of the connections varies.

Such animals often move in a disorientated and dizzy fashion, with the brains 'arguing' with each other leading some specimens to simply zig-zag without getting anywhere.

In snakes, each head may attack and even attempt to swallow the other.

There have also been cases in humans.

Twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel, from Minnesota, are dicephalic parapagus twins, which means each has a separate head but their bodies are joined.

In 2015, villagers in Peru were split over whether the two-headed calf was a miracle or a warning from God.

It was born in the community of Vista Alegre, and its two heads were fully formed.

But it did not have the strength to stand up so farmer Edward Villegas Rubio was forced to feed it milk by the bottle.

- The Sun.


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