Monday, March 7, 2016

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Monumental Weather Anomalies In The UK And Ireland - Spectacular Aurora Borealis "Northern Lights" Makes Rare Appearances! [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Aurora over Scotland

March 7, 2016 - UNITED KINGDOM - The Northern Lights illuminated skies above the UK and Ireland last night, giving local photographers a rare opportunity to capture the spectacular sight of the aurora borealis.

The dazzling phenomenon was visible as far south as Oxfordshire as well as South Wales, Scotland and in parts of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

© @debennis11 / Instagram

The Aurora borealis occurs when electrically charged particles from the sun enter earth's atmosphere.

The phenomenon is normally best observed in regions close to the North Pole.

However, cosmic conditions and clear skies combined last night to give night sky watchers in the UK and Ireland an unforgettable light show.  - RT.

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