Friday, April 8, 2016

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: Disaster Precursors - Violent Elephant Runs Amok And Kills Mahouts In India; And Shark Attacks Jet Ski Off Fraser Island, Australia?! [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

The elephant that killed two mahouts at Karukanchal being brought under control. © E V Ragesh

April 8, 2016 - EARTH - The following constitutes the latest reports of animal attacks on humans.

Violent elephant runs amok and kills two mahouts in India

An elephant which turned violent killed both its mahouts besides creating a ruckus in Champakkara in Kottayam district on Thursday. Gopinathan Nair, 60, from Karukachal and Akhil (Kannan), 30, from Ithithanam were killed. It was the elephant Channanikkad Ayyappan which had turned violent round 3pm.

The elephant floored the first mahout Nair before goring him to death. Following this the elephant ran out of the compound and the second mahout Kannan was killed while he tried to chain the elephant. Gopinathan succumbed to injuries while being taken to the hospital while Kannan succumbed to injuries at the Medical College Hospital.

The elephant which had turned violent ran nearly seven kilometres before tranquilised by veterinary surgeon Sabu C Issac of the elephant squad by around 4.30pm. The local residents went through tense moments for over an hour.

The Elephant had turned violent at the compound of Vasudev Kurup. The elephant was brought here for shifting timber lying in the compound. It was chained to a tree in the compound by both the mahouts in the morning after it showed signs of violence. It attacked Gopinathan by breaking the chains when the mahout had come near the elephant in the afternoon. Nair was knocked off his feet by its legs and floored him and then gored him. After this it went out of the compound and ran through the road.

The second mahout followed him. The elephant entered Kottayam-Kozhenchery road and reached Koothrappally crossing Subhash Junction. From here it turned to Palamattam Road. The second mahout got stuck in front of the elephant and he was lifted using the trunk and was pressed against a nearby wall fatally injuring him. - Times of India.

Shark attacks jet ski off Fraser Island, Australia

Two incredibly brave (or incredibly stupid) tourists got way too close to a shark while enjoying a jet ski excursion in Australia and were lucky to escape without injury.

While cruising around Fraser Island's idyllic blue waters off the coast of Queensland, the couple noticed a shadow in the waters below and - cue the Jaws theme - decided to check it out.

Getting far too close for comfort, the pair was lucky to escape when the shark launched from the water to attack but only connected with the jet ski and, thankfully, not one of their limbs.

"No one was injured although the jetski did get some small scuff marks where the shark contacted the ski," the couple wrote online afterwards.

WATCH: Shark attacks jet ski.

- RT.

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