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ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: Disaster Precursors - Electrocuted Snake Found While Eating Another By City Workers In Morganton, North Carolina; Pedestrian Is Kicked To The Ground By Belligerent Monkey; Dingo Euthanised After Attacking Tourist On Fraser Island, Australia?! [VIDEO]

Two snakes were electrocuted when they crawled into an electrical box on E. Parker Road.
© City of Morganton

April 9, 2016 - EARTH - The following constitutes the latest reports of animal attacks on humans.

Electrocuted snake found while eating another by city workers in Morganton, North Carolina

Workers in a North Carolina city found a snake had electrocuted itself at a home slated for demolition and a second snake died while trying to eat the first.

The City of Morganton said in a Facebook post that Electric Services Department workers visited a home last week to disconnect the power prior to its scheduled demolition and they were greeted with a bizarre sight when they opened the electrical box.

"They were greeted by two dead snakes that had managed to climb into the box. One snake slithered across two hot terminals and was electrocuted; the second snake was biting the first and received the jolt as well," the post said.

The post quoted Electric Services Director Brooks Kirby as saying workers find electrocuted snakes every two or three years "and that's one time too many!"

He did not say if there had been a previous case of a snake being electrocuted while practicing cannibalism.

Kirby said the snakes appeared to be venomous black snakes, with one measuring about 3-1/2 feet long and the other measuring about 6-1/2 feet long.

"The public needs to be aware that if they can get into an electrical box, they can crawl through any small hole," he told Morganton's The News Herald.

City of Morganton Electric Services Department Workers were in for a surprise last week when they went to disconnect... - UPI.

Pedestrian is kicked to the ground by belligerent monkey

One unsuspecting pedestrian was viciously assaulted in the street and kicked to the ground in a terrifying attack - by a monkey.

Incredible video footage has captured the moment a man walking along a street was drop-kicked to the ground by the animal.

The monkey can be seen running at speed behind the man, before jumping up and kicking him, dealing a powerful blow to the man's back and knocking him to the ground.

The primate - deceptively stronger than it looks - then flees, pouncing onto a nearby car then escaping over a wall.

Stunned bystanders appear on the scene, clearly shocked by what they have just seen.

The victim, who was knocked flat onto his face, slowly stands up, evidently shaken by the 'attack'.

The belligerent monkey runs straight at the man with the clear intention of knocking him to the ground.

The footage, captured in an unknown location, was recorded by a CCTV camera.

Uploaded to YouTube only hours ago, the video has already amassed tens of thousands of views.

It is accompanied by the caption: 'This monkey is an amazing wrestler-- the man in the video gets DESTROYED by this monkey's incredible drop-kicking abilities.'

WATCH: Monkey kicks man in the back and send him to ground.

But this is not the first time an unsuspecting human was kicked into shape by a monkey - footage emerged last year of a similar incident in which a man in Shimla, India, was drop-kicked by a monkey after he provoked it.

The monkeys in the region have a terrifying reputation.

They are known to roam about in gangs, stealing tourists' food and rummaging through bags and even peoples' pockets in order to take valuables such as phones and cameras.

Monkey bites across the area are common and in some instances, they have caused deaths when people attempting to flee them have fallen from heights.

Countless attacks prompted calls for the belligerent primates in the area to be sterilised, however this was shut down amid criticisms of animal cruelty. - Daily Mail.

Dingo euthanised after attacking tourist on Fraser Island, Australia

A dangerous dingo was euthanised on Fraser Island after multiple reports of violent and aggressive behaviour.

A dingo has been humanely euthanized after it attacked a tourist on Fraser Island last week.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Sunshine and Fraser Coast Principal Ranger Ross Belcher said a tourist was bitten by the dingo several times in an incident at Eurong late on Friday afternoon.

"A woman was walking with her boyfriend on the beachfront at Eurong when they were approached by the dingo," Mr Belcher said.

"At first the couple thought the dingo was being playful but it then became aggressive and bit the woman four times, firstly on the back of the leg, just behind her right knee, and then three times on her left leg.

"The woman's companion then kept the dingo at a distance by placing himself between her and the animal and waving his thong at it until a passer-by in a 4-wheel-drive saw what was happening and rendered assistance."

Mr Belcher said the couple was able to clearly identify the dingo by its tag and the animal had a history of concerning behaviour which had been escalating in recent days.

"Just one day earlier on March 31 this dingo approached a family who was fishing near Dili Village," he said.

"They were so concerned about the dingo's behaviour that they returned to their vehicles while two of the men tried to chase it away," Mr Belcher said.

"In a further incident on March 28 a police officer intervened when the same dingo was observed running menacingly towards two young children estimated to be under ten years of age."

He said the police officer used his siren to distract the dingo, and drove the police car between the animal and the children to stop any possible attack.

The officer then reminded the children's father that he needed to more closely observe the dingo safe messages.

"Rangers have been conducting extended patrols in the Eurong area in response to the concerning behaviour exhibited by this animal and others from the same pack."

Mr Belcher said there had been eight 'Code E' incidents of high-risk behaviour involving dingoes on Fraser Island in 2016 and this dingo had been involved in four of them.

"Euthanasia is a last resort but the safety of visitors to Fraser Island must come first.

"It is vitally important that everyone on the island follows the advice of rangers when it comes to being safe around dingoes.

"The most important message for families with young children is the recommendation to stay in one of the fenced camping areas." - Fraser Coast Chronicle.

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