Thursday, April 21, 2016

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: Migratory Patterns And Disaster Precursors - Giant Oarfish Emerges After Being Woken By Earthquake Off Taiwan!

The appearance of an oarfish could suggest an earthquake is imminent. CEN

April 21, 2016 - TAIWAN - A monster sea creature has surfaced from beneath the deep after being disturbed by earthquake tremors.

This giant oarfish measures a massive five metres (16ft) long - almost three times to height of the fisherman who landed the catch.

And the so-called "earthquake fish" is freaking locals out after emerging just two hours after seismic activity struck island nation Taiwan.

According to folklore, it is said to appear just before a quake hits - sending people into a panic.

Also dubbed the "king of herrings", oarfish can reach a mammoth 11 metres (36ft) in length.


The sea beast, was captured in waters off Taiwan's eastern Kangle Village, in Hualien County.

Although oarfish are traditionally a bad omen it was a lucky haul for the fisherman after he chopped up the trophy catch and turned it into soup.

The bizarre creature appeared after the southern city of Tainan experienced two quakes measuring around 4.5 on the Richter scale.

It comes just weeks after a devastating 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Tainan City claiming the lives of 117 people and leaving 550 hurt. - Daily Star.

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