Saturday, April 2, 2016

FIRE IN THE SKY: "As Bright As The Sun" - White Meteor-Fireball Spotted Over British Columbia And Washington State!


April 2, 2016 - NORTH AMERICA - A bright, white meteor-fireball was spotted over British Columbia and Washington State on April 1, 2016. Here are some of the initial eye-witness reports:

Kachur - Surrey, BC. 21:10pm. Lasted for 3 seconds. Was facing south came down from the left to right. No sound, extremely bright white, with red flames as it burnt. It seemed bright as the sun for a split second, then turned white/blue color then red ball. It was close like over White Rock area. No photo.

Andrew Port - Coquitlam BC, Canada. 21:00pm. Lasted for 10 seconds? Still burning when it left my view. Was moving from northeast to southwest. There was a white/yellow flame bang that followed 30 seconds or so later. It was very bright and low and burning like a giant rocket.

Julia Coates - Marysville WA USA. 20:50pm. Lasted for 3 seconds. Was moving east/west. It changed from white to blue to red. Was brighter than the moon but not as bright as the sun. It was the first fireball I have ever seen. It was so beautiful.

Ian Pocock - Chemainus, BC, Canada. 20:45pm. Lasted for about 2 seconds. Start southeast and faded from view south-southeast. There was a pale flare,followed by brief green color. No sound was heard. It was about three times brighter than planet Venus. The brief flare continued as it the atmosphere. It was very interesting.
Sherri Osoyoos - BC. Close to 20:40pm. Last for about four seconds. Was moving southeast to northwest. It was a very fast and white fireball. Just noticed a very bright big ball of white flying over the sky, it didn't seem too high up.

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