Friday, April 1, 2016

FIRE IN THE SKY: The Latest Fireball Sightings - Bright Meteor Fireball Filmed Over Oliveira, Brazil; And Exploding Meteor Fireball Brightens Night Sky In Albacete, Spain! [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

Fireball over Brazil.

April 1, 2016 - SPACE - The following constitutes several of the latest reports of fireballs, seen in the skies, across the globe.

Bright meteor fireball filmed over Oliveira, Brazil

WATCH: A very bright bolide captured by SONEAR meteor camera.

- Lunar Meteor Hunters.

Exploding meteor fireball brightens night sky in Albacete, Spain

This bright exploding meteor turned the night sky into day for a fraction of a second on 31 March 2016. The fireball was filmed over Spain at 2:36am UTC (4:36am local time).

The event was produced by the impact of a cometary fragment with the atmosphere at a velocity of about 90.000 km/h.

The impacting rock got ten times brighter than the moon.

The fireball was recorded by cameras placed at the observatory of La Hita in Toledo, when the fireball flew across the sky of the province of Albacete. It has also been reported by skywatchers in Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, Murcia and Andalusia.

WATCH: Fireball over Spain.

- Strange Sounds.

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