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FIRE IN THE SKY: The Latest Fireball Sightings - Bright Green Meteor Fireball Explodes Over Saudi Arabia; Giant Fireball "TEN TIMES BRIGHTER THAN THE MOON" Turns Night Into Day In Spain; Meteorite Lands On Farm In Nigeria; Blue-Green Fireball Disintegrates Over Ukraine And Crimea; Bright Green Meteor Fireball Spotted Over Kentucky, Illinois; Enormous Meteor Fireball Seen Across US Midwest; And Huge Bright Meteor Fireball Lights Up Sky Over Hampshire, England! [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

Fireball over Saudi Arabia. YouTube/faheem291 (screen capture)

April 24, 2016 - SPACE - The following constitutes several of the latest reports of fireballs, seen in the skies, across the globe.

Bright green meteor fireball explodes over Saudi Arabia

That's nothing special! Just a bunch of kids playing football under the light of an incredibly bright bolide that exploded over northern Saudi Arabia, April 3, 2016.

Do you have more information about this sighting? Imagine the loud boom in the sky! Woah!

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WATCH: Fireball over Saudi Arabia.

Giant fireball 'ten times brighter than the moon' turns night into day in this spectacular footage

Scientists caught the natural phenomenon that was caused by a piece of meteorite breaking off from a comet and hitting the Earth's atmosphere

Spanish scientists have captured the moment a fireball said to be ten times brighter than the moon hurtled through the sky.

The natural phenomenon was registered by the La Hita Observatory in Toledo in the early hours of this morning.

The incredible sight was caused by a 30kg meteorite, which had broken off from a comet, hitting the Earth's atmosphere.

The spectacle could also reportedly be seen in southern and eastern Spain, including the regions of Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, Murcia and Andalusia. Jose Maria Mateido, a professor at the University of Huelva in south-western Spain, explained that the fireball gave out the extraordinarily bright light when it hit the Earth's atmosphere at around 56,000 mph.

He said: "This amazing fireball turned the night into day for a fraction of a second." The fireball is just one in a series of similar spectacles which have been gracing the night sky in the last few months.

Mr Mateido analyses these meteorites as an astrophysicist for Spain's Spectroscopy of Meteoroids in the Atmosphere by means of Robotic Technologies (SMART) project, which is a collaboration between Spanish observatories.

Meteorite lands on farm in Nigeria


About 10:45 am on March 12, farmers and hunters in Tse-Agena area of Mbatyula in Takum local government area of Taraba State heard a loud sound from the sky and then an object, suspected to be meteorite stone, landed.

The landing of the white object created panic.

Women and children were asked to vacate the farms immediately while men went to pick the object.

Mr. Shausu Agena, a farmer and an eye witness, said the object landed on a big tree in an empty farm land.

Agena, while speaking to Sunday Vanguard inside his hut in the village, said heavy sound accompanied the falling of the object from the sky.

The clan head of Mbatyula, Zaki Bem Tom, also disclosed that the object landed with a sound that was heard in several communities.

"It was in the morning. People were in their various farms when the object landed within our community. It was very shocking because some of us that witnessed it descending from the sky thought it was the end of the world," Ben Tom said.

"It took our brave men to go closer to the object so that we will know what it was. Initially when the object landed, it was pure white in color. Human faces were reflecting on the object like mirror. Then it turned pure black.

"We have been living in fear because we don't know what will follow".

The village head said the community reported the incident to the state government immediately and the Director of Minerals Resources was sent to Mbatyla.

"Before the official came, we had already removed the stone for safe-keeping and the person who kept the stone was not around when the Director visited.

Therefore, the Director could not see the stone.

"We are calling on government to commission a study of our area following the incident because we may be affected one day by nature".

When contacted, Taraba State Commissioner for the Environment, Mrs. Rebecca Manasseh, pleaded with the community to release the stone to the state government so that it could study it.

Rebecca, who spoke to Sunday Vanguard on phone, confirmed that the state sent its Director of Mineral Resources to the area after the incident was report to ascertain the nature of the 'mystery stone'.

She promised that her ministry was ready to investigate the issue as soon as the stone was released to the state government.

Blue-green fireball disintegrates over Ukraine and Crimea

What is this mysterious blue-green light crossing the sky of Kherson, Ukraine on April 11, 2016?

Two dashcam cameras recorded the amazing sky event at approximately 9:34 pm Moscow time, so 7:34 pm (UTC).

Has anybody witnessed it? The Lyrid meteor shower hasn't started yet, but the sky is already producing awesome natural fireworks.

A blue-green fireball (turquoise in the video description) was filmed by two dashcam cameras flying in the sky of Crimea and Kherson on April 11, 2016 7:34 pm (UTC).

Is this really a fireball? Most probably although it could have been mistaken for a space junk reentry or a missile due to the long duration of the disintegration process. But no reentries took place, the next one being scheduled for April 15, 2016.

WATCH: Fireball over Ukraine and Crimea.

Bright green meteor fireball spotted over Kentucky, Illinois

Initial Meteor Reports:

15APR2016 Tiffany Binkley Calvert City, Ky 2230 3-5 N-W green; moon, no I was driving and there were trees all around me, but it looked huge.

15APR2016 Bryan Schaumburg, IL, USA 22:16 PM Central Only seen the last second or two of the burn E-W travel Stopped South West of Roselle Rd, facing SW Greenish White in color, no sound high beam headlight brightness, too dark to see any fragmentation. 7It was already moving fairly slowly when I seen it, and fairly close to the ground, probably below 500 ft. Too short of viewing time for any better guesses or info.

15APR2016 Andrew Rukavina Mundelein, IL USA approx 2215 hour 15 seconds from east to west i was driving south multi colored and very large between the Moon and Venus - very bright and large not sure it was was not a reflection. I pulled over which i never do except once when I saw an amazing display of northern lights it was the biggest thing i've ever seen....I was heading southbound at intersection of 137 and 60 in Mundelein, IL. I had just made the turn onto 60 from 137 and was headed south, so no light pollution to create any illusions... I'm a 59 year old attorney... was not drinking or anything flamed out shortly before it went over the cornfield.

15APR2016 Steve Wilson Rock Island,IL,USA 22:16 in Central Time Zone 3-4 seconds Facing South, I saw a bright white light with a tinge of blue streak from East to West. As bright as Venus on a clear night I'm not sure of fragmentation, but it reminded me of a sparkler as opposed to a single, solid point of light.

15APR2016 Anna St.Charles, IL, USA 22:14 5-10? East to West traveling burst of light/looked like fire. I was driving South on Kautz Rd, near DuPage Airport. A bright ball, looked like fire; it had a tail of blue behind it. I'm not sure I don't think so, maybe behind it. It really looked like it was on fire. I wondered if it was a piece from a plane I was driving, so no photo, Sorry. I know it was something, not sure what. It was not high in the sky, it came across my vision field from left to right (from East to West) as I was driving South. It was cool, but also a little scary. I wondered if it was part of a plane since we were adjacent to DuPage Airport.

15APR2016 Victoriano Berwyn, IL - 2200 5-10secs East to West facing South, green xeon bright fragment trail, green fireball.

WATCH: Fireball spotted over Kentucky, Illinois.

Enormous meteor fireball seen across US Midwest

A meteor streaked across the St. Louis area on Friday at about 10:16pm. We received many reports from viewers about the shooting star. Sightings of the streak of greenish-blue light were reported in four states, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Two of our web cameras caught a great view of the meteor, Eckert's in Belleville, IL, and Mattress Direct in South St. Louis County . In the Belleville view, you'll see the green object streak across the screen followed by a spider walking across the camera lens.

We are in the midst of the Lyrid meteor shower, which is active each year in mid to late April. In 2016, the peak of this shower is expected on the morning of April 22, so there could be more shooting stars.

Huge bright meteor fireball lights up sky over Hampshire, England

UK Meteor Network releases incredible pictures of a space object dramatically burning up in Earth's atmosphere

The UK Meteor Network has recorded incredible pictures of a "fireball" lighting up the skies over Hampshire.

Stargazers took advantage of the clear weather to snap the meteor from four different locations at about 2am last night.

The group's camera network recorded black and white images of the astonishing fireball, which would have made a dramatic sight on a dark night.

It shone with an "intense" light which may even been bright enough to cast a shadow. The astronomical group posted several pictures of the fireball to its Twitter account .

Peter Campbell-Burns, a volunteer with the Meteor Network, told The Mirror that it was unusual to see such a bright meteor.

"We're catching meteors every single night, but it's rare we see one as bright as this," he said.

"It's a fairly exceptional event which generally happens once every two or three years."This massive fireball was visible from the Network's outposts in Church Crookham, Clanfield and Basingstoke, which are all in Hampshire. It was also spotted from the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Sidmouth, Devon.

The meteor-spotters recently published images of a blue and green meteor which coincided with St. Patrick's Day on March 17 and shone as bright as a full moon.

It is believed the unusual spectacle was caused by magnesium in the meteor.

"It's quiet rare to see one meteor this bright," Campbell-Burns added.

"To get two in the space of about a month is even more unusual."

WATCH: Huge fireball over Hampshire.

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