Saturday, April 30, 2016

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVALS: Abandoned Coal Mine May Lie Beneath Sinkhole That Just Opened Up In Sheffield, England - Measures 20-FEET DEEP!

Residents believe the sinkhole could have been caused by an underground coal mine.

April 30, 2016 - ENGLAND - Locals believe that there's a reason behind the sudden appearance of the huge gaping chasm on the way into the city centre

Workers were left stunned after they discovered what was lurking at the bottom of a 20ft-deep sinkhole which opened up in Sheffield this morning.

Contractors were called in to fill the gaping chasm with concrete, but discovered that an old coal mine could actually lie underneath the unstable ground.

The sinkhole has meant the road has been shut all day, causing havoc for commuters attempting to drive into the city centre.

The huge sinkhole is said to be about 20ft deep.

Pensioner Phil Lovell, 87, said: "I've lived round here a long time.

"I used to live down the road and there were two drift mines. We used to come on our bikes and we used to go down the opposite one here." Mr Lovell said the drifts were dug to mine ganister, a stone used to line furnaces in the steel industry.

Old ganister mines litter many areas of Sheffield.

He said there was a local legend that the mines went right under the Woodseats area of the city.

But he dismissed other rumours that the tunnel at the bottom of the hole had a more romantic link to the nearby Beauchief Abbey. - Mirror.


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