Thursday, April 7, 2016

GLOBAL COASTAL EVENT: Lighthouse Is Swamped By 160 FOOT WAVES In Quessant, France - Massive Swell Reach As High As 11 Double-Decker Buses!

The huge swell engulfs the entirety of the island lighthouse, meaning the enormous wave was as high as 11 double-decker buses

April 7, 2016 - FRANCE - This is the dramatic moment a lighthouse off the coast of France was pummeled by massive 160ft-high waves while in the epicentre of a storm.

Winds reaching 85mph helped whip up the massive swell - which was so powerful spray from the sea was felt in the helicopter carrying the photographer.

Mathieu Rivrin spent around five hours flying near the lighthouses located on the French island of Quessant, as well as Finistere and Penmarc'h.

The winds, which were blowing at 85mph during the storm frenzy, helped drag the wave up and over the tall building

This particular lighthouse in Quessant, off the coast of Brittany, with its white paned windows and a red lantern room, is 160ft tall and the waves easily engulfed it.

Mr Rivrin, 26, of Brest, said: 'The lighthouse is located in Quessant, an island 20km from the coast of Finistere.

'It's called Phare de la Jument as Jument is the name of the rock where the lighthouse has been built.

'The building itself is 47m high and throughout the day the waves were between 15-20m tall. I was in a helicopter to capture these images.

'The winds were very strong - 140km/h [85mph] during Storm Ruzica - or Storm Imogen in English - so only one helicopter could fly over the storm at the time.'

After the wave crashed into the lighthouse, the sea surrounding it was whipped up into a white-water frenzy

I was about 20m away from the lighthouse when I was photographing it. Sometimes, as I was taking the pictures I could feel the spray of waves reach me.

'It wasn't scary but it was fascinating. I've been dreaming of a moment like this since I was five years old.

'I had been looking at the weather forecast and the ferocity of the of waves eight days before the storm actually hit. I booked the helicopter five days before the storm and spent five hours in the helicopter around the lighthouses in Finistere between Penmarc'h and Ouessant.

'Being in the helicopter provided a whole different viewpoint of the waves. I have never have seen waves like these before because I've always stayed on the coast, it was incredible.' - Daily Mail.

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