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MONUMENTAL DELUGE: The Latest Reports Of High Tides, Heavy Rainfall, Flash Floods, Sea Level Rise, Widespread Flooding, And Catastrophic Storms - Floods Hit Santiago, Chile Cutting Water Service To MILLIONS; 23 Killed By Flooding In Afghanistan; Malawi Declares "STATE OF EMERGENCY" As Flooding Kills Dozens; Flooding Hits North Island, New Zealand With More Heavy Rainfall On Way! [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

Floods in Santiago. © Claudio Orrego

April 17, 2016 - EARTH - The following list constitutes the latest reports of high tides, heavy rainfall, flash floods, widespread flooding, sea level rise and catastrophic storms.

Floods hit Santiago, Chile cutting water service to millions

Heavy rains have caused severe flooding and cut water service to millions of people in Chile's capital, Santiago.

Authorities say the Rio Mapocho flooded several districts of the city and landslides killed at least one person. Seven others are missing and people along the Costanera Center shopping center were being evacuated Sunday.

Floods in Santiago. © Agencia Uno

City officials say water service was cut to at least 3 million people due to contamination caused by the flooding. They've urged residents to limit water use until the problem is past.

Electricity also was cut to tens of thousands of people in the Chilean capital on Sunday.

WATCH: Widespread flooding in Chile.

23 killed by flooding in Afghanistan

At least 23 people were killed as heavy rainfall and floods hit Afghanistan's Badghis province on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Based on the reports we have received so far, 23 people, including women and children, have been confirmed dead due to downpour and flooding in Jawand, Balamurghab and Abkamari districts," a police official told Xinhua news agency.

An Afghan man tries to get out of flood water after a heavy rain in Samangan province, northern Afghanistan, April 17, 2016.

Afghan men push a car trapped in flood water after a heavy rain in Samangan province, northern Afghanistan, April 17, 2016.

Afghan men wade through flood water after a heavy rain in Samangan province, northern Afghanistan, April 17, 2016.

Rainstorm and flooding hit several parts of Afghanistan, including the capital city Kabul, on Saturday night and parts of the country were still receiving heavy rain.

Malawi declares "State of Emergency" as flooding kills dozens

Floods in Malawi

Ten days of persistent rains in the north of Malawi have killed dozens, injured others while destroying over 1000 houses and affecting about 17,000 families.

The impact of the rain has made President Peter Mutharika to declare a state of emergency as local authorities call for help.

The disaster has wreaked havoc on the densely populated country, where most people survive on subsistence farming. Crops of maize have been destroyed, villages wiped out, homes swept away and livestock killed.
Ethel Khosa, is one of the survivors, but unfortunately she lost two of her children and her home. "It all started yesterday late in the evening when we were sleeping. Suddenly, the house collapsed on us," she said.

"We call all religious organizations to come and support the people in a situation of lack, at the level of housing and other basic products which can help," said Patricia Kaliyati, Malawi Minister of information.

Many of those forced from their homes have taken refuge in schools, disrupting education for around 350,000 pupils. Unicef is providing tents so that the schools can set up temporary learning spaces while still offering accommodation to families at night.

WATCH: Malawi declares "State of Emergency" as floods kill dozens.

Flooding hits North Island, New Zealand with more heavy rain on way

Coromandel residents told how they were caught out by fast-rising floodwater after the heavens opened on Sunday.

Cars have been left stranded on flooded roads and homes are water-logged after the North Island was drenched in rain.
Many fences are down as farmers wait for the morning to see if livestock in flooded paddocks have made it through the night.

Tellic Evans from White Star Honey at Colville at the northern end of the Coromandel Peninsula said 174ml of rain fell on her farm on Sunday.

A severe weather watch was upgraded to a warning at 6.30pm on Sunday, she said but by then it was too late. "It' had already hit us by then," Evans said.

"We've got stock that are up to their bellies in water because we didn't move them to high enough ground because we thought it wasn't going to rain that much."

Paddocks and fences are damaged, neighbours closer to the foreshore have already lost stock and a number of homes, including her own, are surrounded by flood water

The Colville School is also affected.

The Coromandel Peninsula and parts of west Auckland bore the brunt of the heavy downpour.

Flooding in Colville, in the Coromandel, on Sunday.  THAMES VALLEY CIVIL DEFENCE

Heavy rain in the Coromandel drenches paddocks. © TELLIC EVANS

The rain stopped at about 9pm and Evans hoped to see flood water recede with the low tide.

But she won't be able to do anything for her animals until dawn on Monday.

"We couldn't get to them because they were surrounded. It's like, leave them and hope we don't lose them."

Elsewhere, one car had to be rescued while driving through water in Albert St, Coromandel, while the nearby town of Colville was flooded.

Fire Service shift manager Daniel Nicholson said a driver was trying to get through a "small river of water" in Coromandel at 4.50pm.

They were trapped in their car as they attempted to get to higher ground but were eventually freed, he said.

Fire crews also responded to floods in Colville at 5.30pm.

MetService had warned of heavy rain in Northland brought upon by a trough of low pressure moving southeast from the subtropics.

In Auckland there were consistent showers during the day, with several flooded houses west of the city.

A loungeroom in a Ranui home was flooded, while a basement of a house in Titirangi was flooded, requiring portable pumps to get water out, Nicholson said.

MetService warned more wet weather was on its way for Sunday night, with rainfall of 50mm to 80mm expected to fall on the Coromandel up until 9pm.

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