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MONUMENTAL DELUGE: The Latest Reports Of High Tides, Heavy Rainfall, Flash Floods, Sea Level Rise, Widespread Flooding, And Catastrophic Storms - Chile Hit By Massive Floods, Power Outages, Mine Shut, At Least 2 Dead, OVER 4 MILLION PEOPLE Left With No Fresh Water; Floods In 3 Regions Of Russia Affect 10,000 PEOPLE And Damage 2,500 Homes! [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

April 19, 2016 - EARTH - The following list constitutes the latest reports of high tides, heavy rainfall, flash floods, widespread flooding, sea level rise and catastrophic storms.

Chile hit by massive floods, power outages, mine shut, at least 2 dead, over 4 million people left with no fresh water

Chile’s capital, Santiago, has been inundated by rains that caused the Mapocho River to breach its banks and flow into one of the city’s upbeat neighborhoods. The calamity has killed at least two people and left four million more short of water.

The intense rains that have been pouring down since Friday caused the Mapocho River to overflow for the first time in 30 years, mostly into the wealthy neighborhood of Providencia, with water streaming into cafes, shops, and underground car parking.

Teams from GOPE searching for the missing in El Melocotón, San José de Maipo, Región Metropolitana, Chile Photo; GOPE / Carabineros de Chile

Teams from GOPE searching for the missing in San Fernando, Colchagua, O’Higgins region. Photo; GOPE / Carabineros de Chile

Drinking water distribution point set up by the Municipality of Santiago, Chile. Photo: Municipalidad de Santiago

The local government blames the incident on the poorly designed roads that led a canal built to hold 80 cubic meters of water to exceed its capacity. Sacyr SA and Costanera Norte SA, the companies in charge of the road construction, which was part of a $197 million project designed to enhance the city’s highway system, have been put under investigation.

The flooding triggered landslides into the Maipo and Mapocho Rivers, killing at least two people and cutting more than four million residents off from the fresh water.

The rains also forced Chile’s Codelco copper mine company, the world’s largest, to suspend operations at its El Teniente underground mine, which is located approximately 150 kilometers south of Santiago, as some parts have reportedly been flooded, inflicting damage to its equipment.

“Service restoration work to resume production is estimated to take at least three days, equivalent to 5,000 metric tons of copper production,” the company said in a statement.

WATCH: Monumental deluge in Chile.

Authorities have been implementing an emergency plan and 60 water trucks have been sent to the affected areas. The Office of National Emergencies has issued a red alert due to the muddied waters and called on citizens to carefully control their water use and save as much as possible.

The rains peaked on Saturday after covering Chile’s capital, resulting in power cuts and landslides. Many schools were forced to cancel classes due to the quagmire in the streets.

Floods in 3 regions of Russia affect 10,000 and damage 2,500 homes

Major floods have been affecting central and northern areas of Russia since 12 April, 2016, mainly as a result of snow melt and ice jams.

Over 2,500 homes have been damaged and 10,000 people affected in the three regions of Vologda, Tyumen and Sverdlovskaya.

Vologda Oblast

In Vologda Oblast, local authorities say flooding has been reported in 22 towns in the region, mostly in the Veliky Ustyug District, with more than 1900 houses flooded, affecting over 6,000 people.

Regional authorities have called for help from the federal government. Oleg A. Kuvshinnikov, Governor of Vologda Oblast, said in a statement earlier today, "We are counting on federal support for disaster management." The Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov announced that he is to visit the Vologda Region to personally oversee flood mitigation efforts and the provision of aid and temporary shelters to flood victims. More than 380 people and 120 units of equipment, including helicopters, UAVs and boats, are involved in flood mitigation operations.

Floods in Veliky Ustyug, Vologda, April 2016. Photo credit, Vologda Oblast
Floods in Veliky Ustyug, Vologda, April 2016. Photo credit, Vologda Oblast

Russia's Emergency Control Ministry (EMERCON) say that the adverse flood situation in Veliky Ustyug District is a result of the buildup of ice near the settlement of Krasavino.

Over the last two days, the water level near Veliky Ustyug has twice reached critical level.

Teams from EMERCOM have managed to lower the water level by blasting two ice jams with explosives. Another ice jam, this time in Arkhangelsk Obalst, is also being cleared by ERMERCOM. Last week teams worked to clear an ice jam on the Sukhona River in Nyuksenitsa District.

Ice jam blasts in Russia. Photo: EMERCOM

Tyumen Oblast

Last week, similar floods affected parts of Tyumen Oblast in the Ural Federal District. In a statement of 14 April, emergency management officials said that relief operations were underway in 53 communities. Over 740 homes have been flooded, affecting almost 3,000 people. The worst-hit area is the town of Ishim, where 518 houses have been flooded.

Flood rescue in Tyumen. Photo: EMERCOM

Emergency Ministry rescuers worked with local governments to evacuate people from dangerous areas to temporary shelters on boats.

Sverdlovskaya Oblast

In Irbit, a small town located 203 kilometers from Yekaterinburg in Sverdlovskaya Oblast, EMERCOM teams were called in to carry out a very different rescue.

Ostrich rescue. Photo: EMERCOM

Eleven ostriches from a local farm had become trapped in flood waters on 14 April. The rescue operation of the flood-trapped birds was led by an ornithologist from Yekaterinburg. To evacuate them, rescuers had to use special equipment provided by the Emergency Ministry. The rescuers had to get to the flooded farm on a special floating transport, with a truck and cages onboard. All birds, emergency and farm personnel evacuated the floods safely.

Around 10 family homes were also flooded in Irbit.

WATCH: Floods in Russia.

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