Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WEATHER ANOMALIES: Very Unusual This Time Of Year - Miami, Florida Wakes To Tornado Warning And Extremely Strong Winds; Cars Damaged, Trees Downed; Driver Careers Inches From Tornado, Claims Not To Have Noticed It! [VIDEOS]

February 17, 2016 - FLORIDA, UNITED STATES - A tornado warning issued in south Florida Tuesday morning woke up residents, if the giant thunderstorms hadn't already.

The city was immersed in a giant dark cloud Tuesday morning. © OBi Figueroa/Facebook

Officials have not yet confirmed any actual tornadoes touched down, but several reports by locals online say "tornadoes" overturning a trailer on a highway, damaging cars, and downing trees.

With thousands of sharks spotted off the coast of Florida this week, could this be the perfect recipe for a Sharknado?


Northwest Florida and Mississippi were hit by tornadoes Monday with ten homes receiving significant damage, according to Escambia County spokeswoman Joy Tsubooka.

WATCH: Storm sweeps into Miami, tornado warnings in effect.

A 94-year-old woman had to be rescued from the debris of her destroyed home using a chainsaw, a resident of Century told the Associated Press.

‘Did not see that coming’: Driver careers inches from tornado, claims not to have noticed it (VIDEO)

This US driver clearly has the luck of the devil. Dashcam footage shows how he nearly drove through a twister in South Florida. But the man barely noticed, loudly swearing at other drivers instead.

The driver, Anthony Ciarrocchi, published the dashcam video on his Facebook and YouTube pages on Tuesday. He claimed he hadn’t noticed the tornado approaching as he was focused on the road.

Hows  was your ride to work? Can you say Tornado
Posted by Anthony Joseph Ciarrocchi on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

“I took off in the opposite direction and [did] not sit there to figure out what [was] happening,” he wrote.

Social media users are dubious that it was possible for Ciarrocchi not to notice the twister.

“The tornado was clearly visible and you practically drove right into it. It scares me to have drivers like you on the road, who are apparently incapable of using your peripheral vision,” Adam Lucio wrote.

Many were impressed by the footage, but not by the driver’s behavior. In fact many said he was "not very bright."

“You, Anthony almost lost your life and if you are a ‘Storm chaser’, you're not a very smart one,” Southeast Louisiana Storm Spotters commented on the video.

Some even took Ciarrocchi’s behavior on the road as a personal offense.

“Please do the rest of us mustang owners a favor and don't be such a dumbass when driving, it gives the rest of us mustang owners bad reps,” user S197StangGT noted.

Others chose a more ironical approach.

“Get out of my way hurricane… I need my double supreme latte with extra cream and sprinkles…and I’m late for a meeting with my corporate,” one user joked.  - RT.

SOCIETAL COLLAPSE & CIVILIZATIONS UNRAVELING: Blast Hits Military Bus In Turkish Capital Ankara - At Least 28 People Killed; 61 Others Injured! [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

February 17, 2016 - ANKARA, TURKEY - At least 28 people have been killed and 61 injured in a car explosion in Ankara, Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister said. The blast happened in close proximity to the Turkish parliament building, and reportedly targeted military personnel.

The scene of the explosion is located in close proximity to Turkey's parliament, the Presidency of the General Staff, and Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard commands.

“We are very close to that place and we've heard two explosions,” one of the employees at a nearby hotel told RT by phone.

“I went to the rooftop of our hotel and saw smoke… I saw a big fire. There is a military building around there… this was about 1 kilometer from us.”

A Turkish military general staff official has confirmed to Reuters the explosion targeted a bus carrying military personnel.Social media users in Ankara say they heard a loud noise all across the city, and posted photos of a huge plume of smoke rising over downtown Eskisehir Avenue.

A video posted by Ozan'ın Atölyesi (@ozan_yil_3344) on

Omer Celik, a spokesperson for Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), said on his Twitter account that the explosion was the result of a “cowardly terrorist attack.”

A Turkish government spokesman has said that the attack was well planned.

President Recep Erdogan has postponed his upcoming visit to Azerbaijan in light of the incident.Twenty ambulances were sent to the scene of the blast, media reported, citing medical officials.Witnesses reported helicopters circling the area above the blast.

Turkey's state-run Anadolu Agency said that the government has imposed a media gag order banning organizations from broadcasting or printing graphic images of those who were killed or injured in the explosion.

WATCH: Bomb blast kill dozens in Turkey.

Meanwhile, NTV reported that there had been another explosion as demolitions experts destroyed a suspicious package discovered by police in a different area, near the Interior Ministry building.

There has been no claim of responsibility yet, however Turkish officials said they suspect that this was a Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) attack.

Anonymous security sources in Turkey's mainly Kurdish southeast told Reuters they believed Islamic State militants (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) were behind the bombing.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu canceled his trip to Brussels which was due later on Wednesday, an official in his office said.

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag has condemned the attack, which he called “terrorist” on his Twitter account.

Last October several explosions at a peace rally in the Turkish capital killed more than 100 people and injured dozens more. The explosions appeared to be the result of suicide bomb attacks. - RT.

WEATHER ANOMALIES: Ireland Just Had Its Wettest January In 70 YEARS - One Month After December Was Ranked As The Warmest And Wettest On Record?!

The River Nore floods Thomastown in Kilkenny, central Ireland, January 5th 2016. © Sabrina O'Brien /

February 17, 2016 - IRELAND - Parts of Ireland endured the wettest January since 1948 after the dampest December on record.

Met Éireann confirmed what the nation already suspected by revealing that every single Irish weather observatory confirmed rainfall above normal January averages.

That came after December ranked as the warmest and wettest on record with Dublin's Phoenix Park recording its highest average monthly temperature (8.9 degrees) for 160 years.

The monitoring station at Dublin Airport has now recorded its wettest January since 1948 with 189 percent more rainfall than normal levels.

Cork Airport reported its wettest January in 28 years while Valentia Observatory in Kerry recorded the wettest 24-hour period of the entire month with rainfall of 37mm, almost three times the normal level.

Valentia also reported a total of 10 extremely wet days with a daily rainfall level of 10mm of more.

January was also milder than the norm with Dublin's Phoenix Park recording an average temperature almost one degree above normal averages at 6.1 degrees.

A workman repairs power lines in Lucan village after a night of high winds from Storm Henry. © Colin Keegan

The southwest - hammered by a succession of Atlantic storms - not surprisingly recorded the lowest level of sunshine.

Malin Head in Donegal, at the height of Storm Gertrude, recorded wind gusts of more than 130kmh.

As Ireland bade farewell to Storm Henry and prepares for Storm Imogen, Met Éireann said householders and commuters can at least expect a few days of respite with mild, blustery weather and some showers. - Irish Independent.

INFRASTRUCTURE COLLAPSE: Powerful Gas Explosion In Dominican Republic - Injures 40 People; Levels Homes! [VIDEO]

A police officer stands in the rubble of homes and cars destroyed by an explosion from a nearby gas distribution center owned by Solgas in the Los Rios neighborhood
of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016. According to officials, two early morning explosions destroyed several homes
and injured at least 40 people.
© AP Photo/Ezequiel Abiu Lopez

February 17, 2016 - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - At least 40 people were injured when a liquefied petroleum gas distribution station blew up in Santo Dominto, Dominican authorities told EFE.

Eight of the injured are in serious condition with burns over 60 percent of their bodies, as well as suffering other injuries.

The explosion, which caused traffic chaos in the capital, also caused the collapse of a nearby three-story building, where firefighters are continuing to look for possible victims or survivors among the ruins.

Officials with the Dominican Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Distributors told EFE that the explosion occurred due to a gas leak caused by a faulty valve on one of the station's tanks.

The main problem facing firefighters and technical personnel was ensuring that the blaze did not spread to another large nearby tank that had to be constantly chilled to prevent a new tragedy.

The sources said that the LPG station was up to date with all its permits. The majority of the injured were transported to Santo Domingo's Ney Arias Lora Hospital, where one of them is in "extremely serious" condition.

WATCH: Gas explosion in Los Rios.

Hours after the explosion the column of smoke caused by the incident were visible from several kilometers (miles) away.

A large number of fire department and emergency units were dispatched to the scene.

The vicinity was completely evacuated and the northern portion of the city was shut down after the blast.

Emergency services director Rafael De Luna Pichirilo announced that heavy equipment is being deployed at the scene to remove the rubble and other debris. - La Prensa.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVALS: Massive Rock Slide Near Glenwood Springs, Colorado Closes I-70 - Drivers Face 203-MILE DETOUR; Tractor-Trailer Damaged By Falling Boulders!

Rock slide on I-70 near Glenwood Springs, CO.

February 17, 2016 - COLORADO, UNITED STATES - Drivers trying to get through the Rocky Mountains Tuesday faced a 200+ mile detour after a stretch of Interstate 70 was closed due to multiple rock slides.

Photos shared by the Colorado Department of Transportation on social media showed several massive boulders on the highway. One photo showed damage to a tractor-trailer.

Transportation officials said the rock slide caused damage to the interstate, retaining wall and bridge/guardrail.


Colorado State Police closed the interstate between Exit 116 in Glenwood Springs and Exit 140 in Gypsum and said Tuesday it would remain shut down "until further notice."

Interstate 70 is one of the few direct roads that travel across the Rocky Mountains.

Drivers using the recommended detour faced major traffic delays from the narrow, 203-mile alternate route that will take almost four hours to travel. - WCVB.

HIGH STRANGENESS: "Everybody's Concerned,... Appears To Have Fallen Straight Down,..." - Mysterious Oily Substance Coats Homes In Michigan Neighborhood?!

© YouTube Screen Capture

February 17, 2016 - MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES - Residents in Harrison Township, Michigan, got a rude surprise on Sunday when they awoke to find a strange oily substance coating their cars and homes.

Days later, what the substance is and where it came from remain a mystery.

"Everybody's concerned," Harrison Township resident Paul Schlutow, 73, told ABC News today, adding that his major concern is finding out if the substance is harmful.

Schlutow said he contacted several organizations on Tuesday morning, including the local fire department, the Department of Environmental Quality and even the nearby Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

The fire department came by on Tuesday and inspected the scene. "It was an ash type of substance with a little bit on an oily consistency to it," Harrison Township Fire Department Chief Michael Lopez told ABC News.

A dark, oily substance appeared on cars and homes in Harrison Township, Michigan on Feb. 15, 2016.
The fire department stated that the substance was not a fire hazard.


"It appears to have fallen straight down," he added, noting that the substance was only found on the roofs of cars and homes, and not splattered across the sides.

This was the first instance of this substance appearing that Lopez could recall.

The fire department did not do any chemical analyses but was able to determine that the substance was not a fire hazard and turned over the situation to the airbase.

WATCH: Mystery gunk in Harrison Township.

Schlutow said he believes the substance might have come from the airbase, as it is only a few miles away. He is still waiting to hear back from them and also said a representative from the DEQ was supposed to show up later today.

"I've never had a problem like this in the past," he said. "Give me an answer so I know what to do."

The Selfridge Air National Guard Base and Department of Environmental Quality were unable to immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment. - ABC News.

FIRE IN THE SKY: Green Fireball Streaks Across United States East Coast - Dozens Of Reports To The American Meteor Society!

NASA image of a fireball from a past meteor shower.

February 17, 2016 - UNITED STATES - A large green meteor streaked across the sky Tuesday evening, prompting dozens of reports to the American Meteor Society.

The fireball was seen from New Jersey and Delaware into southern Virginia around 7:10 p.m. People reported it as green and bright.

It was the second fireball seen in recent weeks in the Mid-Atlantic skies.

On Jan. 30, hundreds of people in the D.C. area reported seeing a streaking meteor, and it was even captured on dash cam.

According to the American Meteor Society, fireballs are very bright meteors, about as bright as Venus in the morning and evening skies.

About 10 to 15 meteorites fall to Earth each day, but sightings are rare since streaking fireballs often fall over the ocean, or during daylight hours when they can't be seen. - InsideNova.