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RATTLE & HUM: Mysterious Sounds Heard Across The Planet - The Residents In Bridgeport, Connecticut Record Strange Sounds Coming From The Sky; Mysterious Shrieking Sound Leaves Oregon Residents Baffled; And Mysterious Noise Puzzles Residents Of Forest Grove, Oregon?! [VIDEOS]

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February 18, 2016 - UNITED STATES - Here are three more reports of mysterious loud booms heard across the United States.

Bridgeport, Connecticut residents record strange sounds coming from the sky

The following video was captured in Bridgeport, Connecticut on February 15, 2016. Any ideas what the sound is?

WATCH: Loud noises in the sky.

I believe this is a real video since the sound gets louder as the recorder gets out of his home. But I really cannot pinpoint the cause and origin of this creepy noise.

WATCH: Moreover many other viewers recorded the same noise at the same time.

WATCH: And here again.

There is really something coming from above. And these noises are signs of the imminent catastrophe we are heading to.


WATCH: No, here's another video.

Mysterious shrieking sound leaves Oregon residents baffled


A mysterious shrieking sound has left the residents of one Oregon neighborhood seriously perplexed.

Dave Nemeyer, fire marshal of the Forest Grove Fire and Rescue in Forest Grove, Oregon, told ABC News that he first learned of the strange noise after a local resident recorded and shared a video of it on the city's Facebook page.

"It's definitely a horrendous noise," Nemeyer said. "I have no idea what the noise is. [The resident] described to us that it was coming from the middle of the street. To me, it sounds like the sound of train tracks, that metal screeching sound, but there are no train tracks near her home ... so that's obviously ruled out."

Rick Vanderkin, the city's public works superintendent, told ABC News that very few people have heard the sound, making it difficult to locate and even more difficult to make an "educated guess as to what's creating the noise." So far, officials have ruled out a water valve, a gas leak and wildlife as possible culprits.

Forest Grove resident Colleen Ahrens told ABC News affiliate KATU in Portland that she's been woken up three or four times by the sound.

"It almost sounds like someone needs to change their brakes," she said.

Ahrens said her husband is a mechanic and when she described the noise to him, he thought a worn brake pad could be the source. But after she listened to the recording, she's not so sure anymore.

Chester Epperson, who lives across the street from Ahrens, hadn't heard the sound himself, but dismissed it after KATU played the recording for him.

"Maybe 'The X-Files' back on TV again," Epperson joked. "High-pitched, it's got a pause. I'll keep my ears out." - ABC News.

Mysterious noise puzzles residents of Forest Grove, Oregon

© Koin 6

Neighbors are trying to determine what is causing a loud alarm-like sound to randomly ring near Gales Creek Road.

Paula Lynch tells KOIN she first heard the noise about two weeks ago. Since then, she's heard it four other times. Her neighbor has heard it three times.

Both Lynch and her neighbor, who asked that her name not be used, describe the sound as loud and like a warning alarm.

"It's hard to identify what angle its coming from because it just kind of encompasses the area," Lynch said. "We're just hoping somebody might be able to identify it so we can report it and have it stop happening." Both the City of Forest Grove Public Works Department and Fire Department say they don't know where the noise is coming from. The fire department speculated the sound appeared to be some sort of air compressor, but said that crews would have to actually be in the neighborhood to identify the sound before making a determination.

WATCH: Mysterious Forest Grove noise puzzles neighbors.

A spokesperson with NW Natural said there have been no reports of any problems with the gas lines in the neighborhood. The spokesperson added that, while the company does have release valves, if gas were to be released, people would be able to smell it.

Lynch posted a recording she made of the video onto Facebook. It has been shared repeatedly.

Those who have heard the sound in person describe it as being extremely loud. Lynch said she has to cover her ear immediately to protect her hearing. - KOIN 6.

GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVALS: Powerful Avalanches In Eurasia - Cloud Of Snow Engulfs Randa, Switzerland Nearly Swallows Up A Car; And At Least One Killed As Avalanche Swallows Houses In Russia's Arctic Town! [VIDEO]

© Klaus Lauber

February 18, 2016 - EURASIA - This mighty snow avalanche engulfed Randa, Switzerland on February 16, 2016.

Listen to the low-pitch noise of this powder falling down the mountain...

Watch this insane video until the end when the car of the man recording is almost swallowed up by the cloud of snow... As if fog suddenly had came in.

 WATCH: Avalanche in Randa.

The gigantic avalanche was created by the collapse of the Bisgletscher at 3000 meters altitude. One and a half minutes after it was already in Randa at 1400 meters. - Strange Sounds.

Meanwhile, streets and houses in the Russian town of Kirovsk ended up covered in snow after a huge avalanche struck the town in Murmansk region. Emergency services have been dispatched to the area as initial reports suggested that there had been at least one fatality and others injured.

Authorities have so far confirmed one death, after a man’s body was discovered under the snow. They have already examined about 60 percent of the area covered by the avalanche.

“We can confirm that the avalanche descended in the vicinity of Kukisvumchorr Mountain,” an emergencies ministry spokeswoman confirmed to RT, adding that the agency is assessing the information.

Social media feeds indicate that city structures now lie under a thick layer of snow, Russian channel LifeNews reported. According to its sources, a few people could be stuck underneath the snow, with rescue teams trying to get them to safety.The Russian Emergencies Ministry reported that the avalanche descended on the city of nearly 30,000 people at 10:15 pm local time. More than a dozen rescuers were dispatched with at least four pieces of equipment each to help them deal with the accident, according to the ministry.

Kukisvumchorr mountain slopes are a popular winter sport destination for locals and tourists.

 WATCH: Avalanche in Kirovsk.

According to a preliminary investigation, the avalanche struck the town which is located some 110 km north of the Arctic Circle following a controlled anti-avalanche detonation.

The man who died in the accident was a member of the anti-avalanche team, RIA Novosti reported, citing an emergency services source. - RT.

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Weather Phenomena - Rare Sun Dogs Seen Over Calama And Antofagasta, Chile! [PHOTOS]

First sundogs appeared. © Alerta Roja/Facebook

February 18, 2016 - CHILE - Rare sundogs accompanied by a reverse rainbow stunned residents of Calama and Antofagasta, Chile on February 17, 2016.

As if the parhelia was smiling at us from the sky. So we have seen three different kinds of atmospheric phenomena in these pictures...

Sundogs or parhelia which consists of a pair of bright spots on either side on the Sun. Circumzenithal arc which is an optical phenomenon similar in appearance to a reverse rainbow.

Then a circumzenithal arc appeared over the parhelia. © Alerta Roja/Facebook

First sundogs appeared.  © Alerta Roja/Facebook

On top as well as below the tripping star. Is that a circumhorizontal arc? © Facebook

Here another more colorful picture of this circumhorizontal arc over Antofagasta.  © Facebook

© Facebook

And again some iridescent clouds. Or I believe them to be a circumhorizontal arc. What about you?  © Facebook

And finally a circumhorizontal arc which in its full form appear like a large, brightly spectrum-coloured band running parallel to the horizon, located below the Sun or Moon.

All these sky phenomena are members of a large family of halos, created by light interacting with ice crystals or rain in the atmosphere. - Strange Sounds.

EARTH CHANGES: Monumental Signs Of The Times - SOTT Earth Changes Video Summary For January, 2016 PART 2!


February 18, 2016 - EARTH - With the pace of Earth Changes apparently quickening in 2016, we've decided to publish this second Summary video for the month of January. The flooding of the great Mississippi River Basin in early January - which followed record-breaking rainfall over the New Year - was unprecedented for wintertime. The only similar event was the Great Flood of 1937, but back then just one tributary - the Ohio River - flooded. Last month saw the Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas and Meramec Rivers - and the Mississippi itself - all burst their banks, flooding parts of Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee. There are no records in US history of such happening before. In addition, the rivers crested at all-time record heights in a number of places.

The US Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions flipped from experiencing their warmest ever temperatures for December and early January... to being buried under a record-breaking 3-day blizzard that killed 55 people. The North American cold wave extended as far south as Veracruz, southern Mexico, which is experiencing its "coldest winter in history." At the same time, a powerful cold wave in East Asia extended as far south as central Vietnam, where snow fell for the first time ever. An unusual cold wave also extended deep into the Middle East, where hail turned the Arabian Desert white and snow reached as far south as Kuwait (another first!).


Another sinkhole opened up in China to swallow a moving truck, but the most notable sinkhole last month opened up on a highway in Harbor, Oregon. In fact, a large sinkhole and a landslide occurred there. Note the location: this Oregon event was one of a number of events last month - all possibly seismic in nature - that took place in or near the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Another such event was the powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake in south Alaska, the most powerful to hit there in decades. Another was the 'mini-tsunami' that nearly drowned walkers on Pacific Beach in Washington state.

Severe thunderstorms in Australia brought tornado-force winds and dumped up to 10 inches of rain in parts of Victoria and New South Wales. Elsewhere in the southern hemisphere, Tanzania's 'rainy season' extended into January, and record-high summer temperatures in Johannesburg, South Africa gave way to intense hailstorms that damaged buildings, killed many birds and left the suburb of Krugersdorp blanketed in several inches of white ice. The oceans, meanwhile, continue depositing masses of sea creatures on shorelines around the world, with an unprecedented number of whale beachings occurring along North Sea coastlines last month.

WATCH: Here is Part 2 of 'the signs of the times' in January 2016.


PLAGUES & PESTILENCES: Toxic Tumbleweed Strikes Panic In Australian Town - Circling Homes And Threatening Livestock; Local Authorities Hold Emergency Summit?! [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

February 18, 2016 - AUSTRALIA - Walls of tumbleweed from neglected farmland are causing havoc in the Australian city of Wangaratta, encircling homes and threatening livestock.

It might sound like the unlikely plot of a 1950s B-movie, but the weed - also known as hairy panic grass or witchgrass - has blown into a residential neighborhood. The invasion has prompted local authorities to hold an emergency summit, reports ABC News.

Images from the area show bundles of the bristly tumbleweed blocking front doors to homes and forming barriers outside driveways.

The toxic weed originated in nearby farmland among neglected hay crops, and was not prevented from spreading into local neighborhoods.

An information pamphlet about animal health, produced by Australia's Department of Primary Industries, explains that the grass contains toxins which can cause serious liver damage, photosensitivity and jaundice in sheep.

Signs of poisoning include swelling of the head or sunburn on the nose and ears of sheep.

The Department warns the golden, spindly grass is "most toxic when it is young, lush and growing rapidly", but it is not dangerous to humans. Wangaratta resident Jason Perna described to ABC News how he woke to find six meters of tumbleweed outside his home.

"It makes it difficult to get the car out in the morning - if you can find it," he said.

In a bid to find some silver lining to the tumbleweed takeover, some residents are considering harvesting the hairy panic grass for scarecrows.

The online reaction to the grass invasion has been a mix of shock and amusement. - RT.

FIRE IN THE SKY: "I've Never Seen Anything Like It" - Fireball Lights Up The Skies Over Northern Italy!

Many witnesses saw a meteorite fall over northern Italy on Wednesday evening. © YouReporter

February 18, 2016 - ITALY - A streaking fireball brighter than the full moon lit up skies over northern Italy on Wednesday evening.

The fireball left a trail of vapour hanging in the sky for minutes.

Not long after the unusual event, pictures of bright flashes, vapour trails and eyewitness reports started to emerge on social media, with users suggesting they had witnessed a meteorite falling to earth.

The unidentified flying object lit up skies over northern Italy, travelling east to west from Genoa to Venice at around 6.19pm.

Sightings of the object were also reported from as far away as southern France and Switzerland.

La Repubblica reported a spike in phone calls made to Italy's fire brigade to report the phenomenon.

A photo of the vapour trail, captured on a road outside Genoa, was uploaded to the Italian citizen journalism website, YouReporter.

The trail over Liguria.
© YouReporter

"The object crossed the sky for about four seconds - I've never seen anything like it," the user, called Masdives, wrote. "This is a picture of the contrail I took, which was in the sky for about a minute."

Moments later a similar object was seen hurtling over the skies of Venice almost 400 kilometers further east.

Angelo 1960 uploaded a photo snapped above town of Jesolo, showing a bright flaming object streaking through the sky.

"I saw it coming down rapidly, followed by a trail of smoke and fire," he wrote.

Sightings of the object were not limited to Italy, with reports also emerging from as far away as southern France and Switzerland.


Twitter user Romain Magellan uploaded a pic of the object snapped above the ski resort of Valmorel in France. Reports of Thursday's UFO are consistent with descriptions of a bolide - a small piece of rock or ice from outer space that burn up as they race through the earths atmosphere before hitting the ground.

Bolides are extremely bright objects - often with apparent magnitudes much brighter than the full moon.

According to American space agency Nasa, some 100 tons of dust, gravel, rock and ice enter the earth's atmosphere every day. - The Local.

ICE AGE NOW: Global Cooling Continues Relentlessly - Heavy Snowfall In Ottawa, Canada Breaks 69-YEAR-OLD RECORD; Hail And Snow In Irazu National Park, Costa Rica, 10 DEGREES NORTH OF EQUATOR; Heavy Snowfall On Honduras-Guatemala Border; Pakistan Government Warns It's Citizens To Prepare For GLOBAL COOLING! [VIDEOS]

© The Weather Network

February 19, 2016 - EARTH - The following articles constitutes several of the latest reports on heavy snowfall, low temperatures and snow storms as global cooling continues across the Earth.

Record-breaking snowfall hits Ottawa, Canada

For those questioning if winter had called it quits, a major snow storm Tuesday proved it is only mid-February after all. The snow pushed into southern Ontario early Tuesday, doubling commute times and prompting bus cancellations first thing.

Close to 10 cm of snow was recorded in major cities like Toronto and Markham before easing through the afternoon hours.

"Snowfall amounts in the Greater Toronto Area were in the 5 to 10 centimetre range, as this area was only grazed the western edge of the huge snow shield associated with this winter storm," said Environment Canada in a storm summary.

The storm in eastern Ontario however, was relentless.

"The highest 24 hour snowfall accumulation for Ottawa was recorded Tuesday with a whopping 51 cm of snow," says Weather Network meteorologist Erin Wenckstern. "That smashed the old record of 40.6 cm of snow set back on March 2, 1947."Road conditions deteriorated quickly across eastern communities, with not much improvement by Wednesday morning.

"Due to snow accumulation and stranded vehicles, student transportation is therefore cancelled today Feb 17, 2016," tweeted the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority early Wednesday. "Schools remain open."

WATCH: Ottawa breaks 69-year-old snowfall record.

Those with air travel plans are also urged to call ahead as clean-up efforts may impact flights.

Ottawa Police reported nearly triple the normal number of collisions on city streets on Tuesday, with 120 accidents in just a 12 hour period. In addition to the heavy snow, places like Cornwall also saw 20 mm of freezing rain, which resulted in slick roads and ice build-up.

WATCH: Time-lapse video submitted by Twitter user Eric Dupere shows the accumulation of 50 cm of snow in Ottawa during a winter storm on Feb 16.

The remainder of the article can be seen here

- The Weather Network.

Hail and snow in Irazu National Park, Costa Rica, 10 degrees north of equator!

Irazu Volcano National Park in Costa Rica received several inches of hail/snow on Feb 13, 2016. This is the second time within three years that this type of event has taken place. Interestingly, in 2013, the same peak experienced its FIRST EVER recorded hail accumulations. Guatemala also received snowfall that year of six inches.

WATCH: Snow and hail in Costa Rica.

Heavy snowfall on Honduras-Guatemala border

WATCH: Snow fell in Guatemala on February 10th.

Pakistan Government warns it's citizens to prepare for Global Cooling

The Pakistan Meteorological Bureau put out a lengthy 59 page report warning the citizens of Pakistan that Global cooling will begin in 2019 and there needs to be a strategy with urgent action in order for the society to cope with the changes. This is the second country to now come out and tell its citizens to prepare, Russia was first, now Pakistan.

WATCH: Pakistan temps and global cooling forecast.

PLANETARY TREMORS: Strong Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Strikes Off Indonesia - USGS! [MAPS + TECTONIC SUMMARY]

USGS earthquake location.

February 18, 2016 - INDONESIA - A 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck off Indonesia on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey reported.

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck off Indonesia at 1726 GMT on Wednesday (Feb 17), the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

USGS shakemap intensity.

The epicentre of the earthquake was 178 kilometres east of Ternate in the Moluccas and about 41 kilometres deep, the USGS said. - Channel News Asia.

Seismotectonics of the New Guinea Region and Vicinity

The Australia-Pacific plate boundary is over 4000 km long on the northern margin, from the Sunda (Java) trench in the west to the Solomon Islands in the east. The eastern section is over 2300 km long, extending west from northeast of the Australian continent and the Coral Sea until it intersects the east coast of Papua New Guinea. The boundary is dominated by the general northward subduction of the Australia plate.

Along the South Solomon trench, the Australia plate converges with the Pacific plate at a rate of approximately 95 mm/yr towards the east-northeast. Seismicity along the trench is dominantly related to subduction tectonics and large earthquakes are common: there have been 13 M7.5+ earthquakes recorded since 1900. On April 1, 2007, a M8.1 interplate megathrust earthquake occurred at the western end of the trench, generating a tsunami and killing at least 40 people. This was the third M8.1 megathrust event associated with this subduction zone in the past century; the other two occurred in 1939 and 1977.

USGS plate tectonics for the region.

Further east at the New Britain trench, the relative motions of several microplates surrounding the Australia-Pacific boundary, including north-south oriented seafloor spreading in the Woodlark Basin south of the Solomon Islands, maintain the general northward subduction of Australia-affiliated lithosphere beneath Pacific-affiliated lithosphere. Most of the large and great earthquakes east of New Guinea are related to this subduction; such earthquakes are particularly concentrated at the cusp of the trench south of New Ireland. 33 M7.5+ earthquakes have been recorded since 1900, including three shallow thrust fault M8.1 events in 1906, 1919, and 2007.

The western end of the Australia-Pacific plate boundary is perhaps the most complex portion of this boundary, extending 2000 km from Indonesia and the Banda Sea to eastern New Guinea. The boundary is dominantly convergent along an arc-continent collision segment spanning the width of New Guinea, but the regions near the edges of the impinging Australia continental margin also include relatively short segments of extensional, strike-slip and convergent deformation. The dominant convergence is accommodated by shortening and uplift across a 250-350 km-wide band of northern New Guinea, as well as by slow southward-verging subduction of the Pacific plate north of New Guinea at the New Guinea trench. Here, the Australia-Pacific plate relative velocity is approximately 110 mm/yr towards the northeast, leading to the 2-8 mm/yr uplift of the New Guinea Highlands.

Whereas the northern band of deformation is relatively diffuse east of the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border, in western New Guinea there are at least two small (less than 100,000 km²) blocks of relatively undeformed lithosphere. The westernmost of these is the Birds Head Peninsula microplate in Indonesia's West Papua province, bounded on the south by the Seram trench. The Seram trench was originally interpreted as an extreme bend in the Sunda subduction zone, but is now thought to represent a southward-verging subduction zone between Birds Head and the Banda Sea.

There have been 22 M7.5+ earthquakes recorded in the New Guinea region since 1900. The dominant earthquake mechanisms are thrust and strike slip, associated with the arc-continent collision and the relative motions between numerous local microplates. The largest earthquake in the region was a M8.2 shallow thrust fault event in the northern Papua province of Indonesia that killed 166 people in 1996.

The western portion of the northern Australia plate boundary extends approximately 4800 km from New Guinea to Sumatra and primarily separates Australia from the Eurasia plate, including the Sunda block. This portion is dominantly convergent and includes subduction at the Sunda (Java) trench, and a young arc-continent collision.

In the east, this boundary extends from the Kai Islands to Sumba along the Timor trough, offset from the Sunda trench by 250 km south of Sumba. Contrary to earlier tectonic models in which this trough was interpreted as a subduction feature continuous with the Sunda subduction zone, it is now thought to represent a subsiding deformational feature related to the collision of the Australia plate continental margin and the volcanic arc of the Eurasia plate, initiating in the last 5-8 Myr. Before collision began, the Sunda subduction zone extended eastward to at least the Kai Islands, evidenced by the presence of a northward-dipping zone of seismicity beneath Timor Leste. A more detailed examination of the seismic zone along it's eastern segment reveals a gap in intermediate depth seismicity under Timor and seismic mechanisms that indicate an eastward propagating tear in the descending slab as the negatively buoyant oceanic lithosphere detaches from positively buoyant continental lithosphere. On the surface, GPS measurements indicate that the region around Timor is currently no longer connected to the Eurasia plate, but instead is moving at nearly the same velocity as the Australia plate, another consequence of collision.

Large earthquakes in eastern Indonesia occur frequently but interplate megathrust events related to subduction are rare; this is likely due to the disconnection of the descending oceanic slab from the continental margin. There have been 9 M7.5+ earthquakes recorded from the Kai Islands to Sumba since 1900. The largest was the great Banda Sea earthquake of 1938 (M8.5) an intermediate depth thrust faulting event that did not cause significant loss of life.

More information on regional seismicity and tectonics


DELUGE: Widespread Flooding And Infrastructure Collapse In Cordoba, Argentina - 4 People Killed; HUNDREDS Of Homes Damaged; Disruption Of Power And Transport Systems! [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Flooding in Cordoba, Argentina. © Cadena 3 Argentina

February 18, 2016 - CORDOBA, ARGENTINA - The night of 15 February 2016 saw an intense rainstorm over the city of Córdoba, Argentina, causing 4 causalities. At least two of the deaths were a result of flooding.

Storm - 70 mm of rain, 140 km/h winds

According to the Observatory of Cordoba of the Argentinian National Meteorological Service (Servicio Meteorológico Nacional - Observatorio de Córdoba, SMN), more than 70 mm of rain was recorded in Córdoba during the torrential storm which started at 20.10 and lasted a few hours. Moreover, the city was affected by hail and strong winds as high as 110 km/h, and gusts up to 140 km/h.

Cordoba Province, especially Sierras Chicas 30 km North-West of Córdoba, was affected by a similar intense event a year ago, 15 February 2015. More than 1,000 people were displaced from their houses, and 9 causalities were reported after the storm last year.

Several provinces of Argentina, including Entre Ríos, Chaco, Corrientes and Formosa, are still recovering from floods caused by overflowing rivers that began in late December 2015 and continued into January 2016.

Damages in Córdoba - 4 dead, 100s of homes flooded

Several areas of the of the city of Córdoba were badly affected, including Villa Richardson, Central America and parts of the North and West neighbourhoods, where there were hundreds of houses flooded. The Municipal Civil Defense reported that several families were evacuated from Villa El Chaparral and from the West sectors.

The Provincial Energy Enterprise of Córdoba (Empresa Provincial de Energía de Córdoba, EPEC) said the storm caused the outage of 4 transformer stations, failure of several medium voltage distributors and falling trees on airlines.

The storm disrupted the city's transport system, with several roads inundated due to rainwater drainage system being overwhelmed. Several vehicles were stranded in flood water.

WATCH: Flooding in Cordoba.

As of late yesterday, 16 February 2016, local media reported that there had been 4 casualties. A motorcyclist died when he was dragged by a strong current on the road, and a man, believed to be a security guard, drowned when he was swept away by floodwater. The other two victims, which included a young child, are reported to have died as a result of wind and storm damage.

On the 15 February the SMN emitted a short notice weather alert for severe storms. Preparedness and risk knowledge during intense and abrupt events with short alert time available remains crucial in preventing disasters. - Floodlist.

PLANETARY TREMORS: Strong 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Sierra Nevada Towns In California - USGS!

USGS earthquake location.

February 18, 2016 - CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - An earthquake that rattled remote towns high in California's Sierra Nevada on Tuesday afternoon startled residents for miles around California, but caused no serious damage or injuries, authorities said.

The magnitude 4.8 quake struck just after 3 p.m. six miles west of Big Pine, a small community in the eastern side of the mountain range along scenic U.S. Route 395.

The quake nine miles underground in Inyo County hit along the Owens Valley fault line, said Susan Garcia of the U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Science Center in Menlo Park. The area has experienced eight quakes of a magnitude 3 since 1935, and a magnitude 4 hit in 1988.

USGS shakemap intensity.

The initial jolt on Tuesday was followed by a series of six aftershocks over more than an hour, the largest a magnitude of 4.3, Garcia said. Residents in Sacramento, Livermore, Fresno, Bakersfield, Los Angeles and across the state line in Nevada reported feeling the ground shaking.

"I thought something hit our building because there was a loud boom and everything shook for about 4 to 6 seconds," said Cody Lawson, a dispatcher at the nearby Bishop Police Department. "It hit hard right off the bat."

Nobody called to report an emergency in the town of about 2,500 residents, he said, adding that some in the dispatch centre where he works sought shelter under their desks. Lawson said he went to a door frame and waited for the shaking to stop.

Minutes after he got back to his desk and answered the phone, he described one of the aftershocks. "It's not as strong," he said. "We're rolling."

A pre-dawn quake also Tuesday struck just north of Big Bear in the mountains east of Los Angeles. The USGS reported that it registered at 3.8 in magnitude.

HIGH STRANGENESS: Mysterious Black Goo Rains Down On Michigan Town - Department of Environmental Quality Investigating?!

The mysterious substance remained on outdoor surfaces through Wednesday, when Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials collected samples.© WXYZ

February 18, 2016 - MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES - A city in Michigan is perplexed after a a tar-like substance has rained down on their cars, porches and driveways this week.

The black, oily substance first appeared on at least six driveways in Harrison Township on Sunday, and days later, what the material is still remains a mystery.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials collected samples of the substance on Wednesday.

The city's fire chief sad that it is not bird droppings and is not flammable, according to WXYZ.

Harrison Township resident Paul Schlutow, 73, said 'everybody's concerned' about the substance and the major concern is that the substance could potentially be harmful.

Residents originally believed that the substance could have come from the nearby Selfridge Air National Guard Base, but the base released a statement saying it was not coming from their location.

'There is no indication that the substance in question came from a military aircraft of any type,' the statement said.

Residents originally believed that the substance could have come from the nearby Selfridge Air National Guard Base,
but the airbase released a statement saying it was not coming from their area.

The statement said the airbase has 'been in communication with the Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality, which was sending a representative to the area in question to review the material'. 'As Michigan's Hometown Air Force, we take being a good neighbor very serious,' Brig Gen John D Slocum, commander of the 127th Wing and the Selfridge base commander told ABC News. 'We will continue to work with our local and state partner agencies to resolve this question.'

Fire Chief Michael Lopez told Fox 2 Detroit that the airbase will still investigate.

WATCH: Mysterious substance coats Michigan homes.

'It does not appear to be a fuel substance at all and so we did confirm that but it appears as though it came from an aircraft but we haven't confirmed that but we did turn it over to Selfridge to investigate,' he said.

A Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officer said it could be at least a week before the organization discovers what the substance is.  - Daily Mail.

FIRE IN THE SKY: "Balls Of Fire" - Bright Meteor Fireball Lights Up Sky Over Southern France! [VIDEO]

Meteor-fireball over France.

February 18, 2016 - FRANCE - Hundreds of people across south eastern France reported seeing the skies lit up by "balls of fire" on Wednesday evening.

While many wondered whether the phenomenon was linked to some kind of military exercise and others panicked that planes were on fire, the fire balls are believed to have been caused by a meteorite shower.

Social networks lit up at around 6.20pm on Wednesday after hundreds of people caught sight of a fire ball passing through the sky.

"You're never going to believe me but I saw a meteorite, something on fire falling from the sky! "F**king hell I 'm in shock," said one eyewitness.

The regional newspaper Dauphiné Libéré said hundreds of eye-witnesses had contacted them from right across southern France.

Readers described seeing a "green ball with a trail" or a "white ball that exploded followed by a long trail of fire."

One resident in the Alps told Le Parisien newspaper the meteorite "passed pretty low and horizontally and was a big ball of green fire." The newspaper reported that three meteorites had made "impact" with the ground in the Isere département, without causing any damage. The exact locations where the meteorites hit the ground have not been identified, but one was near Vercors Autrans, another near Saint-Vincent-de-Mercuze and the last near the town of Gières.

Police in the Savoie region said they had received numerous calls to report the sighting.

WATCH: Celestial object falls near French ski resort.

To try to calm people's imaginations police took to Twitter and let the public know that the phenomenon they had seen was probably a meteorite shower.

Last week a man in India was believed to have picked up the unfortunate title of being the first man in the world ever to have been killed by a meteorite. Although that theory has since been rubbished by NASA. - The Local.